I consider myself an introvert with an anxious mind. My idea of a good time is a hoppin’ Saturday night at home. Clubs need not apply. But at the same time, I enjoy going out to some places. I love hanging out with my friends. In some ways, I appear extroverted. There are challenges to being an extroverted introvert.

1. Motivation is short lived.

I can’t tell you how many times I wake up and think “I want to go out and do the things today,” only to lose all motivation to be social by 4pm. I usually end up going out anyway but I’m back home by 9pm.

2. You want friends but avoid people.

Even worse, your poor acquaintances are in this weird position with you where you’re friendly when you’re intentionally together hanging out, but running into each other unexpectedly is the WORST.

3. Hug or handshake. HUG OR HANDSHAKE?

My thought process: “Hey, I really like you! You’re nice! Oh, you’re leaving. Okay! See you later. Wait, hug? Handshake? Which is it? What do I do? Oh Christ what do I do? What’s happening? Okay what are you doing? You’re lifting your arm. Is it going to be a high five? Handshake. Okay. But now you’re pulling me in. Is this a handshake bro hug? WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Me every day.

4. You stress out easily.

Even when things aren’t that complicated, it doesn’t take much to push me over the edge into full on stress mode. I can be going about my day being a productive little so-and-so and someone stops by and the rest of the day is ruined.

5. People are easy to connect with. They’re also the worst.

I find it easy to just take a deep breath and approach someone for a conversation. What isn’t easy is tolerating them after the human interaction has begun. It’s as if I want to make friends and yet I find almost everyone intolerable. Yikes.

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