Stress is powerful. It can be the source of many of our ailments and it even has the ability to weaken the immune system, making it difficult to fight off illness. However, it also has the power to balance us out if we can use it to our advantage. The problem is that we often can’t control the amount of stress we feel, which makes it easy to become over-stressed. Being over-stressed will cause a number of issues throughout our daily lives, and we may not even know it’s happening.

The real problem with stress is that we can’t recognize it’s many symptoms while it’s running rampant through our lives. It manifests itself physically in our bodies in a number of ways, cloaking the true source of the problems we’re facing.

Check out these four signs that could tell you you’re over-stressed and didn’t even know it.

1. You Feel Physical Pain in the Body

When you’re over-stressed, your body will try to warn you that something is wrong. However, we often don’t listen to our bodies when we feel little hints of pain, we wait until something starts screaming at us. Essentially, when you feel high stress levels, your body will begin to break down.

This can result in stomach issues, ulcers, tense muscles, and even chest pains. You may even start to feel aches and pains similar to flu symptoms, which will get worse if unaddressed. Listen to your body when you feel like something is wrong, and remember that acceptance is the first step to overcoming stress.

2. Drastic Fluctuations in Your Sleeping Patterns

If you experience any major change in your sleeping patterns, this could be another warning sign that you’re over-stressed. It doesn’t really matter if you’re sleeping too much, or you have insomnia, a drastic change from your normal sleeping habits needs to be addressed. Usually more exercise and a better diet will fix your sleeping issues, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

Finding the root of the issue is the key to real change, and it’s more than likely stress. A good indication of being over-stressed is whether or not you’re having nightmares or worrying when you’re in bed.

3. Work is Always on Your Mind

If you’re feeling over-stressed, it’s probably difficult to get work off your mind. We all think about the tasks and responsibilities we have at work, but if you feel like you can stop yourself from dwelling on them, it’s a good indication you’re too stressed out.

This doesn’t just have to apply to work, it can apply to all the problems you face throughout the day. Worrying constantly about personal issues or work problems can actually cause more stress, and it doesn’t really serve a purpose. Relax and try to detach in order to find a solution.

4. You Don’t Have Patience for Others

If everything and everyone just seems to make you agitated, you’re probably over-stressed. This is actually one of the most common signs of stress, and it cause some real problems within your personal relationships.

The people you love the most will also feel effects of your stress the most, which isn’t a good thing. Instead of taking out your stress on them, try to be vulnerable and make your issues known. The people who care about you will want to help you ease the worries you feel in life, and ultimately relieve you of your stress completely.

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