By Dejan [Life Coach Code]

Surrounded by cities and buildings, working, lost in our human problems, wars, news, entertainment… it’s easy to forget that we are not the only species on this planet. We are just 1 dot of many other, on a larger picture.

There is a spirit in Nature, powerful, beautiful. A spirit that drives all life. We are a part of this spirit even though most of the time we act as if we are not. But Nature is greater than us! It’s a system that evolves life.

Observing different life forms gives a POWERFUL perspective about how tiny we really are. It shows us that there are things far more important than our greed. One of the most epic stories is all around us! And listening to Hans Zimmer’s score along with this footage is a powerful experience that has a potential to steer us away from destroying the beauty we were born in.


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