Some of you will find that your third eye will open automatically, others will be actively working towards opening their third eye.

Opening your third eye means that you are becoming aware and in tune with your higher self! Your higher self has the ability to communicate and assist you in navigating your life with wisdom and foresight.

Do you suspect that your third eye is opening? Here are the signs that your third eye is opening;

1. Pressure between the eyebrows.

It may feel like someone is lightly touching you at this point, or warmth, even a slight pulse in the middle of your head. Many times this sensation can appear out of nowhere. For some it’s more intense and powerful. This sensation is very common and normal when your third eye is opening.

2. Sound sensitivity.

You may find yourself suddenly very sensitive to not all sounds, but certain kinds of tones. You may find that low tones are soothing and high tones cause great rushes of emotions. Your taste in music may also change.

3. Increased foresight.

Spiritual development naturally increases the intuition. In time this foresight, intuition should get stronger and become a guiding principle in your life.

4. Change in thought patterns.

You begin to think differently. You reprogram and clean your mind, so that it can reflect a more life-sustaining way of living. This is related to questioning society and mainstream media more. Then we begin to question life and to search our own answers without accepting blindly what we have been taught. An inner process of mental transformation and reorganization begins, where we delete old teachings and substituting them with our newly found truths.

5. Light sensitivity.

With the opening third eye, we could find ourselves a little more sensitive to light and seeing colors more brightly. When focusing deeply on the third eye (like in meditation), the lights of the third eye might appear.

6. Diet.

You are more conscious of what you eat. Your sensitivity to toxicity increases and now you know that food is energy so you want only what truly nourishes you. Eventually you can feel the vibration of what you are eating. Your body will force you to eliminate some substances from your diet. Food is everything for your spiritual journey and for your healthy physical and energy bodies.


* Avoid sugar and dairy as much as possible.

* Meditate outside, in nature, sitting in the grass, on the natural ground.

* Pay attention to your senses.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Walk in nature for at least 30 minutes a day.


You don’t need to be experiencing all of these.

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