For the longest time, experts have categorized people into two distinct groups: extrovert and introvert. Typically speaking, the introverted types are known for being deep-thinking homebodies, shy and reclusive, while extroverts are known for being outgoing party-animals. But, of course, people are far more complex than these stereotypes.

For example, a third group has recently emerged, consisting of those who claim to be both extroverted and introverted. This group is known as ambivert. While you may fit better into this group, chance are you still lean towards the introverted side of things.

This might be due to the fact that there is more than one kind of introvert.

You may already feel like your traits don’t match up to that of the classic introvert. Maybe you have no problem taking on a leadership role. Or maybe you have noteworthy people skills that other introverts tend to lack. While other introverts may seem content to follow the rules and fall in line, maybe you adamantly march to the beat of your own drum. There is an array of hues in the introvert rainbow.

According to this quiz, there are 6 kind of introverts: The Champion, The Artist, The Protector, The Mastermind, The Healer, and The Architect.

This 25-question quiz will help you determine what kind of introvert you are.

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