As you can see in the above picture, you may see that an excavator has crashed down to a forest to cut trees. Addition to that, there’s an anxious orangutan leaped down the large trunk and putting his full effort to stop the machine with his hands.

He did not want to give up, therefore he tried to cling on to the cold metal. However, he was failed because he slipped and fell into the stack of trees which was his home once.

His home had been destroyed which is very unfair.

The Sungai Putri Forest is a habitat of endangered Bornean orangutans. However, the pitiful scene was taken on camera in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, by a construction crew.

When you are going through this story, you may understand that Human activities are having a profound impact on the natural world. Luckily, International Animal Rescue (IAR) was close by and manage to save and relocate the Orangutan to a protected area of the forest, but that doesn’t stop These poor animals being pressured by hands of humans.

The orangutan falling off the tree trunk | IAR

According to IAR “Unfortunately, scenes like this are becoming more and more frequent in Indonesia,” “Deforestation has caused the orangutan population to plummet; habitats are destroyed, and orangutans are left to starve and die.”

The Sungai Putri forest is using to expand due to palm oil plantations and for other development projects. Therefore, this has been a serious threat for wild Bornean orangutans because Sungai Putri Forest is one of the few homes left for these poor animals.

Members of IAR’s Indonesia rescue team bringing a different orangutan to safety | IAR

According to a recent investigation by Greenpeace Indonesia, it has exposed that at least Six illegal logging settlements are taking place in Sungai Putri Forest. Therefore, these settlements are mostly happening during the night time, even the areas where mother orangutans have built nests to raise their babies.

These logging operations are not something which has happened recently. Bornean orangutans have lost over half of their natural habitats due to logging operations since the 1970s. These animals are at a high risk of being shot if they try to return their homes after a palm plantation has been established.

A gaunt mother orangutan and her baby being rescued back in 2015 after farmers reportedly set the forest ablaze to clear land | IAR

Karmele Llano Sanchez is the program director of IAR in Indonesia and he stated that “Sungai Putri is home to one of the largest populations in the world, and we are at a critical point for the Bornean orangutan,” “Without forests like this, they can’t survive.”

It is clearly visible that IAR has focused on this issue already, but without the assistance of the relevant parties, they are unable to make a good improvement.

An orangutan stranded at the top of a tree in 2016 after her entire forest had been cleared by developers | IAR

“They have eyes who weeps, they have hearts who feel pain. They feel emotions. Do not play with that”

You can donate to International Animal Rescue to help save Bornean orangutans. Apart from that, you may also spread the word regarding how this palm oil destroys their ecosystems and stop buying products which contain palm oil.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the post. Please do share this article and spread the message to save our nature.

Over the years, many studies are done to identify the differences of human personalities. One of such prominent classification that has been introduced is classifying humans and alpha, beta and omega personalities. This classification is derived by studying the animal world where the alpha in any animal pack is the dominant, most aggressive and strongest creature.

As humans are also belonging to the category of pack animals, there are persons with alpha beta and omega characteristics. People who are more ambitious, straight forward, outgoing and dominant are the ones with alpha personalities.

Alpha’s passionate personality often get them labelled as demanding and bossy because normal people fail to recognise that it’s in their nature.

If you are wondering whether you are an alpha or not, below are things that can be seen only in Alpha people.

You say what is on your mind without holding back

People with alpha personalities are normally confident and stick to their words and decisions. They aren’t usually quiet on facing any particular problem, they let their feelings be known to others. If a person with alpha personality does not agree with something, they are going to tell it straight away.

You are too wise for your age

People with alpha personalities are normally much wiser than the other counterparts of similar age. Alpha’s know themselves and study what they do very well so they pay less attention to what others have to say about them or functions they perform.

Alphas when compared to other personalities show perfectionist qualities. When they are given a responsibility or a task to complete, they complete it perfectly and thoroughly by giving their very best to the function they perform.

You are a problem solver

When ordinary people worry about problems so much, people with alpha personalities will remain calm getting their things done slowly. When an ordinary person gets fed up with certain problems without knowing how to overcome them, people with alpha personalities will see the full depth of the issue at once and will go to the root and solve them calmly.

No tolerance for ignorance

People with alpha personality mean what they say and expect others to do the same. People with alpha personalities will not understand and tolerate when someone say they will do something and then they won’t stay true to their word.

You’ll love to experience new things

People with alpha personalities love to take risks and fear less towards failing. Regardless of how many times you’ll fail, if you are an alpha, your desire to try once more will never fade away.

People with alpha personalities try professions or careers that are more independent, like to stay single, adventure alone and try to experience something new.

You are protective

Even in animal kingdom, the alpha of the pack take responsibility for the protection of the whole pack. Alpha people also share the same qualities by being overly protective of their belongings, surrounding and people who he/she care about. They will be aggressive if someone try to take away and cause harm to the above mentioned.

It is never easy to see an animal in pain or suffering but this one was on the brink of death when she was found. Luckily for her, the locals called the right group of people to save her.

This precious girl fell into a deep well and quickly became exhausted trying on her own to escape. Holding onto a ledge that she just couldn’t keep a grip of, she was forced to swim around in the water at the bottom for hours until she was finally rescued. She was rescued by the group Animal Aid Unlimited, India. They work hard to save the lives of street animals that go without homes in India, many are ill and injured.

Her paws were bloody from trying to hold onto the sides of the walls and she was terrified but as you will see in the video, she was clearly happy to finally be getting out of the well. She was terrified, to say the least, and rescuers had to work quickly to get to the top of the well. People who save lives like this are truly inspirational.

The description for this video that AAUI posted online goes as follows:

We got a call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep well. She may have been swimming for hours before a villager saw her and called our helpline. She was quickly losing her strength and could barely hold on to the sides of the well.

Please donate to make life-saving rescues possible in India every day:

She came right to the man who went down to get her and seemed to be well aware he was her only chance of getting out of there. What was a heartbreaking situation turned into something amazing through the efforts of these strong individuals. This dog was evaluated once she made it to the top and is doing well.

What seems so quick online took a lot of patience in real life. Now, this dog gets to go on and have a long happy life. To see more of their videos please click here.

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There’s a bigger plan behind the entry and exit of every person in your life. There’re no coincidences or accidents; everything happens for a reason.

There’s no need to get paranoid about the situations and people in your life, but you should take time to evaluate your relationships and your surroundings to ensure they are actually what you think they are.

You should be able to extract some type of reason or meaning as to why someone enters your life – whether it is a negative or positive one, as nobody simply comes into your life by accident. Nobody is just randomly there. They’re there to play a role the same way that you play a role in other people’s lives.

Sometimes you lose sight of your dreams, goals, or things that are really important to you. So, some people come into your life to awaken you towards your goals. They remind you of what’s more important to you and why you chose your path in the first place. They show you the right way. They inspire you, and help you find your strength to continue. They help you grow and move forward on your life path. They stay with you through the ups and downs and become life-long companions.

However, the roles of people that come into your life are not always good. Not all people that come into your life are meant to play a good role in your life. Some enter your life for a short period of time. They do not stay with you for your entire life. These people actually play a short but meaningful role in your life.

They might be a blessing at first, but when you learn who they truly are, they end up being a lesson. Even though it isn’t always easy, it is actually an important life lesson.

This means that you meet everybody for a reason… they are either a blessing or a lesson. It does not matter when they come into your life – they come into it for a reason.

So, you must understand that everyone that comes into your life is important in their own way. Do not ignore their importance if you want to grow and succeed in your life.

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Find out whether you are a devil or an angel according to your zodiac sign:


Even Satan screens your phone calls since he does not want you to yell at him. Furthermore, you are actually the living embodiment of evil. Also, you have strong sex appeal.


In fact, the Devil is rendered as a head of goat in paintings. You are the Devil. Additionally, you do not want to do good as that is for suckers. That’s not all, you will do evil until you are caught. Then, you may pretend to apologize.


You may have various vices, such as backstabbing, swindling, double-crossing, cheating, lying, gambling, sex, or drinking. Your redeeming value is your good sense of humor. You make others laugh prior to fucking them over.


You are likeable, generous, funny, and warm. However, in case others get on your bad side, you may seek vengeance as well as humiliate them.


You want to be a good person. But, life offers numerous temptations, so that it is difficult for you to resist. Moreover, it is actually your sincerest hope that God is forgiving since you are gonna need it.


You are majestic, beautiful, strong, and noble, until you get on their bad side. Then, you can flash your fearsome teeth. You do good deeds until others cross you. When others cross you, you can cause them to regret it for the rest of their life.


You are a type of person that always has a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Whether you choose to act like a devil or an angel greatly depends on what you ate for breakfast and your mood. You are like summer and winter, night and day, and good and evil, wrapped together in the same bundle of contradictions.


You want to do favors for other people. You enjoy bringing joy to other people. You are loving, kind, and honest. But, you have a strong sex drive that often cause you to make unwise decisions.


You walk through your life with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. You love being around people as well as making them smile or laugh. Truth is actually the highest good for you. But, the Devil comes out of you when others lie to you. After a while, you let it go.


You are empathetic, forgiving, caring, kind, and have your own code of ethics. But, you often get mildly angry when others do not return your generosity and kindness. Fortunately, you get over it immediately, since you know life is too short to allow the haters to upset you.


You don’t hold grudges and have a forgiving heart. You rescue kittens from trees as well as help old ladies walk across the street. Others call you a sweetheart. In a world full of devils, being too nice may be dangerous.


God made sure you were born with original sin as he knew you were not going to commit other sins. You are the most beautiful and purest angel. Even though you are good, you should take it down a notch, since you may make others feel guilty.

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The human body is a pretty amazing thing. When something isn’t quite right, your body has a way of sending you signals to give you a heads up.

One of the ways your body lets you know that something is off is through your eyes, specifically for your present state of health. Here are eight eye conditions, and what they mean in terms of your health.

1.A stubborn stye

If you have ever had a stye, you know how painful and irritating it can be, especially if it is a common occurrence. While the condition, which is characterized by a bump that forms on your eyelid due to a blocked sebaceous gland, typically only lasts a few days, it can persist for months.

If you experience a stubborn stye, it could be a sign of something more sinister – a rare form of cancer known as sebaceous gland carcinoma. So, if you have a long-lasting stye, or even a stye that occurs regularly in the same location, it is probably time to see your doctor.

2.Thinning eyebrows

There are several reasons why you might experience thinning eyebrow hair, including aging, stress, and a nutritional deficiency. It may also be a result of a condition known as alopecia areata, or spot baldness, although unlikely since this only affects about 0.1 % of the population. Also, another reason for hair loss in this area is thyroid disease.

3.Blurry vision

If you’re a frequent computer user, you may experience burning eyes or blurry vision. If your vision becomes blurry while you’re staring at a computer screen, it’s the result of computer vision syndrome. Your eyes become strained due to the lack of contrast on the computer screen, combined with the extra work of focusing on pixels.

4.Blond spots

If you have ever experienced a small blind spot in your vision, it can be quite scary. However, this situation can also indicate that you are experiencing a migraine aura, especially is you also see shimmering lights or a wavy line. This blind spot and lights may be followed by a painful headache.

5.Bulging eyes

Your eyes can definitely play tricks on you. However, if you feel a bulging sensation in your eyes, it could be related to your thyroid. The most common cause of protruding eyes is an overactive thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism.

6.Yellow whites in your eyes

Jaundice, the term used to describe a yellowing of your eye whites and skin, can occur in newborns who have an underdeveloped liver function but adults can also experience this condition, which is a sign you are experiencing some type of liver problem. It can also be related to your gallbladder or bile duct, so if you find your eyes are yellowing, speak to your doctor immediately.

7.Blurred vision in diabetics

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for several different eye problems. The most common is diabetic retinopathy. This condition affects the circulatory system of the eye. It’s the leading cause of blindness in American adults.

8.Double vision, dim vision or vision loss

Anytime you experience vision changes, it can be alarming. Our eyes are vital to us. So any sudden double vision, dim vision or loss of vision at all means you should see your doctor right away. If you are seeing double, dimly lit objects or losing your vision altogether, contact a health care professional immediately. as these symptoms can all be warning signs of a stroke.


Anxiety disorders are some of the most common and often underestimated mental illnesses. While millions of people have it, those who do not tend to have a lot of trouble understanding it.

There are about 40 million adults living in the US right now with some kind of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders come in all different shapes and sizes and are never the exact same for anyone. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety in any form you know exactly what I mean.

When someone that struggles with their anxiety become stressed it can be a real shit show whether it is an actual shit show or just a shit show of the mind. Below I am going to go over some of the best tips and tricks to work with your mind and body to reduce anxiety and/or prevent severe attacks. While not all of these will work for everyone I am sure at least some of these will benefit you in some form. They have for the most part done a lot for me.

13 Psychological Tips and Tricks That People With Anxiety Need To Be Aware Of:

1. Write Down Your Feelings

Yes, write them all down. Whether or not you keep those writings is up to you. You can burn them or make them part of a journal, either way, you need to be getting these feelings out.

2. Spend Time With A Pet

You would be surprised how beneficial spending time with an animal you care for is. This will help make you feel more relaxed and loved. Pets and their owners have some intense connections.

3. Giggle A Bit

Laughing is a wonderful way of allowing your body to release some of whatever is going on inside. Sure, it might seem a bit odd but if it works, it works. Maybe give it a try?

4. Use Positive Self-Talk

If you are talking negatively about yourself then you’re going to feel negative. If you want to make yourself less anxious then use positive self-talk to motivate yourself through it. I use this one in a lot of different situations.

5. Breathe Mindfully

When you’re getting worked up remember to be mindful of your breathing. Breathe deeply and completely. Really allow it to help you unwind.

6. Meditate

Take a break and give yourself a moment to meditate. Meditation will allow you to clear your mind and relax more. This will have you ready to face things from a new perspective.

7. Observe Without Judgement

Observe your own thoughts and so forth without judging. The more we judge ourselves the more damage we do. You should be your own cheerleader, not your own enemy.

8. Focus On Right Now

Focus on the right now instead of the past or the future. Be in the present moment as best you can. Work on this more each and every day.

9. Start Coloring

Get a coloring book and have at it. Find one you like and use it to let yourself unwind. I love coloring now a lot more than I did when I was a child.

10. Use a Calming Visualization

Think of someone or something you care about. Maybe go somewhere else in your mind. Really allow your mind to remove you from your current situation even if just for a moment.

11. Settle Into Some Music

Music can help with anxiety tremendously. Pop in those earbuds and listen to whatever speaks to you. Music will really make a huge difference for most people.

12. Use Essential Oils

Find a scent that makes you feel relaxed and keep it on hand. Use this to help you relax yourself in those stressful moments. Something this small can make a huge difference.

13. Grab An Ice Cube

If you think you might be on the edge of a panic attack or anxiety attack take an ice cube and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and quiet your soul. Allow the ice to melt and focus on it.

While some of these things are very simple they might be the change you need. Which ones have you tried and which ones will you be trying?

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Sure, some of these images are going to be more detailed than others but no matter what you will notice something about each one before anything else. That something could reveal more than you think.

While you might not realize it, the things you are drawn to or notice before other things can really show the rest of the world different glimpses into your being. Your personality is made up of a lot of things in relation to your subconscious whether you realize it or not. Take a look at the images below and continue down to find out what the first thing you see about each means for you.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the lips first you are someone that tries to always take things at face value. You do not look into most things and often accept them as they are. This makes you very unwilling to take risks.


If you noticed the trees first you are someone that knows looking to the unknown is sometimes a good idea. You think outside of the box and are always looking for something interesting. You know a good idea when you hear one.


If you noticed the roots first you are a very growth-oriented person. You are always working to better yourself and make a difference. You really like helping others.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the two men first you tend to care more about others than yourself. You are far too thoughtful and sometimes get yourself way in over your head. You are too generous.

Water Splashing

If you noticed the water splashing first you are someone that is always on the lookout for a storm. You know that things are not often what they seem but also don’t want to dig. You stick within your means.


If you noticed the skull first you are a person with a positive outlook on life. You see things in a light that most others do not. The more you dig, the more you find no matter the situation. You are a very outgoing and spirited individual.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the tree first you are someone that doesn’t pay much attention to the things around you. You don’t overthink too much and you tend to really reel yourself back more often than not. This might be something you need to work on.


If you noticed the woman first you are very observational and quick. You notice a lot of things other people do not. You stick to really diving in and tearing things apart. I guess we could say you are an over-analyzer in many ways but not in all.


If you noticed the landscape first you are a bit absent minded but not too severely. You stick to what you know and try not to deviate. You just go through the motions.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the couple first you are someone that takes relationships very seriously. You are always thinking of your significant other and they make up a huge part of your life. You are what we would probably call clingy in many senses of the word.


If you noticed the explosion first you are probably someone that gets scared easily. Your personality is a bit sporadic but you don’t like to do things that you know might end badly. You are a bit of a wuss.


If you noticed merely the woman first you are a little more lonely than you might like to admit. You crave some kind of attention you are not getting. Perhaps you need to work on this.

(All images in this article are sketches by the amazing artist Christo Dagorov, click here to see more of his work.)

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There is no ‘excuse’ for cheating but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. While cheating is a horrible thing to do, it happens a lot more than we want to admit whether we are the cheaters or the partners being cheated on.

“Why,” is one of the biggest questions that come up when someone is cheated on. They feel like they weren’t good enough and they feel like there has to be a reason why their partner did what he or she did, right? Well, honestly, sometimes the reason is not as prominent as we want it to be and sometimes even that person isn’t quite sure of the reason. Most of the time cheating doesn’t just happen as a spur of the moment thing.

Sometimes people who cheat are perfectly happy in their relationships and sometimes they are still very much in love with the person they are cheating on. Infidelity in itself is a stressful and complicated subject. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why a person might cheat when they’re in a relationship.

These are not the only reasons why someone might cheat but they are some of the more common ones. With that being said, these are still not excuses. There is NO excuse for cheating.

7 Reasons Why People Sometimes Cheat On Their Partners:

1. They don’t feel as connected with their partner as they once were.

Sometimes we become disconnected from our partners and that can make us feel really bad. If we don’t know how to speak about what we are going through cheating could end up being a real potential issue. While talking through things and working on the relationship would be a much better approach some people just see someone they like and run with it.

2. They don’t really care about you in the ways you think they do.

Sometimes we think people care about us because they say they do only to find out that they don’t really care at all. A lot of people think cheating is okay and that as long as they don’t get caught they’re fine. People like this don’t love you in the ways you want them to. We should not waste our time on them.

3. They want the excitement of it.

When someone is bored in their relationship they might cheat just for fun. There is for those who want to, a sense of excitement that comes with cheating. The potential risk for some reason really drives them over the edge.

4. They felt trapped.

When someone cheats it can sometimes be due to feeling trapped in the relationship. Cheating is their escape even if just for a short period of time. Sometimes their situation is just too extreme.

5. They want to feel ‘young’ again.

Sometimes people cheat because they think it will make them feel young again. Perhaps they were a bit explorative in their younger years and have been tied down for a long time. This happens a lot more than you might think it does.

6. They want that emotional validation from someone else.

Feeling wanted is a very strong passionate thing. The emotional validation that comes with someone pursuing you or wanting to be intimate with you knowing you’re with someone else can be enticing to some. While not everyone will give in, some will.

7. They feel like their physical needs are being neglected.

When the sex isn’t what it should be or you don’t get to be intimate as often as you would like to you might become frustrated. While things like this can be worked through sometimes cheating happens. When someone feels like they aren’t being taken care of they will find someone to take care of them even if it tears their relationship apart.

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If you have followed the words of the Dalai Lama then you know that his wisdom speaks for itself. He is someone that we can all learn so much from if you need to get your shit together listening to him might do the job.

After reading over some of his books and really delving into his world I feel I have learned a lot. Below are 20 things I have learned from him throughout the years that really made a difference in my life. If you feel lost, confused, or just don’t know what to do or where to go from here these things might be more than enough to point you in the right direction.

20 ‘Rules‘ We Should Learn From The Dalai Lama That Will Help Us Get Our Sh*t Together:

1. You cannot love others while judging them, don’t judge.

Sure, we might think we care about someone but if we are judging them we are not truly loving them. If you want to really love a person you need to let go of judgment. Judging someone never does any good.

2. Spend time alone, daily.

Spending time alone is beneficial for all of us. If you don’t spend time on your own to recharge you will end up completely drained. This is a good form of self-care.

3. If you want to be happy you need to look at your own actions.

If you ever want real happiness you have to look at the things you’re doing. You cannot keep doing the same shit and expect different results. Change your life if you really want to change your life.

4. If you do not find peace within you will not find it in the outer world, work within first.

Finding peace is not going to be easy and it is going to be a journey inside of yourself. If you keep blaming others and looking elsewhere to solve this issue it will never get solved. Sometimes this is the best step that can be taken.

5. Never be afraid to show compassion.

Compassion is something that helps us become better people. Being afraid to show compassion is being afraid to be your truest form in many ways. Always show compassion even when it seems silly.

6. Learn the rules so you can break them properly.

Sometimes rules need to be broken. Not all rules are as white and black as you might think. The gray area is quite prominent.

7. Being kind is important.

Being kind is crucial for really moving forward. When you can be kind, you should be kind and you can always be kind. There are no excuses.

8. Always judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

If what you had to give up was more than you feel your success was worth then did you really succeed? Make sure that the price you’re paying is one you don’t mind paying. Far too many people make this mistake and do not realize it until it is too late.

9. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take the steps to correct it.

If you realize you have done something wrong or made a mistake you should immediately take the steps to make things right. It doesn’t matter how hard to mistake is to face or what it is, it needs to be dealt with. Do not let your mind confuse you.

10. Sometimes knowing when to be silent is crucial.

Sometimes saying nothing is worth more than a million words. Knowing when to be silent is important. Know when to speak and when not to speak.

11. Share your knowledge with others.

Don’t be stingy. Always be open to sharing your knowledge with those who do not mind you sharing it. If you can help someone else in some way, do it.

12. Let your enemy teach you tolerance if nothing else.

Our enemies teach us several different things. They teach us patience, what to look out for, and who not to trust but above all else, they teach us tolerance. Tolerance is important.

13. Conquer your anger and hatred.

Getting over your anger and hatred regardless of who or what it is towards is important. This will help you better yourself and allow you to overcome things. If you don’t do this, you will regret it.

14. All suffering is caused by ignorance, don’t be ignorant.

Suffering stems from ignorance be it ours or the ignorance of others. Don’t be ignorant. Allow yourself the time and knowledge needed to be more than that in all possible ways.

15. Smile as often as possible.

Smiling makes everyone’s worlds a bit brighter. When you can smile, smile. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes in the worlds of those around you.

16. You can be open to change and still have values, don’t let them go.

Don’t let go of your values for something that doesn’t really matter. Hold onto them if that is what you want to do. Being open to change doesn’t mean you have to close yourself off to all you know.

17. Keep your heart open in order to keep your mind open.

If your heart is not open your mind will also not be open. Opening up your heart allows your mind to be as wide as it can be. Do not let this change.

18. Do not let the actions of others control you.

The actions of others should not determine your own. You are your own person. You do not have to follow anyone.

19. Never forget that money and power are not where happiness comes from.

Sure, they are nice to have but they are not where happiness comes from. Happiness comes from within. You cannot simply find it.

20. Strive to be the best you that you can be.

Being the best you that you can be can mean a lot of different things. Figure out what it means to you and go for it. You can achieve so much more than you think.

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