There is no ‘excuse’ for cheating but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. While cheating is a horrible thing to do, it happens a lot more than we want to admit whether we are the cheaters or the partners being cheated on.

“Why,” is one of the biggest questions that come up when someone is cheated on. They feel like they weren’t good enough and they feel like there has to be a reason why their partner did what he or she did, right? Well, honestly, sometimes the reason is not as prominent as we want it to be and sometimes even that person isn’t quite sure of the reason. Most of the time cheating doesn’t just happen as a spur of the moment thing.

Sometimes people who cheat are perfectly happy in their relationships and sometimes they are still very much in love with the person they are cheating on. Infidelity in itself is a stressful and complicated subject. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why a person might cheat when they’re in a relationship.

These are not the only reasons why someone might cheat but they are some of the more common ones. With that being said, these are still not excuses. There is NO excuse for cheating.

7 Reasons Why People Sometimes Cheat On Their Partners:

1. They don’t feel as connected with their partner as they once were.

Sometimes we become disconnected from our partners and that can make us feel really bad. If we don’t know how to speak about what we are going through cheating could end up being a real potential issue. While talking through things and working on the relationship would be a much better approach some people just see someone they like and run with it.

2. They don’t really care about you in the ways you think they do.

Sometimes we think people care about us because they say they do only to find out that they don’t really care at all. A lot of people think cheating is okay and that as long as they don’t get caught they’re fine. People like this don’t love you in the ways you want them to. We should not waste our time on them.

3. They want the excitement of it.

When someone is bored in their relationship they might cheat just for fun. There is for those who want to, a sense of excitement that comes with cheating. The potential risk for some reason really drives them over the edge.

4. They felt trapped.

When someone cheats it can sometimes be due to feeling trapped in the relationship. Cheating is their escape even if just for a short period of time. Sometimes their situation is just too extreme.

5. They want to feel ‘young’ again.

Sometimes people cheat because they think it will make them feel young again. Perhaps they were a bit explorative in their younger years and have been tied down for a long time. This happens a lot more than you might think it does.

6. They want that emotional validation from someone else.

Feeling wanted is a very strong passionate thing. The emotional validation that comes with someone pursuing you or wanting to be intimate with you knowing you’re with someone else can be enticing to some. While not everyone will give in, some will.

7. They feel like their physical needs are being neglected.

When the sex isn’t what it should be or you don’t get to be intimate as often as you would like to you might become frustrated. While things like this can be worked through sometimes cheating happens. When someone feels like they aren’t being taken care of they will find someone to take care of them even if it tears their relationship apart.

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