Find out whether you are a devil or an angel according to your zodiac sign:


Even Satan screens your phone calls since he does not want you to yell at him. Furthermore, you are actually the living embodiment of evil. Also, you have strong sex appeal.


In fact, the Devil is rendered as a head of goat in paintings. You are the Devil. Additionally, you do not want to do good as that is for suckers. That’s not all, you will do evil until you are caught. Then, you may pretend to apologize.


You may have various vices, such as backstabbing, swindling, double-crossing, cheating, lying, gambling, sex, or drinking. Your redeeming value is your good sense of humor. You make others laugh prior to fucking them over.


You are likeable, generous, funny, and warm. However, in case others get on your bad side, you may seek vengeance as well as humiliate them.


You want to be a good person. But, life offers numerous temptations, so that it is difficult for you to resist. Moreover, it is actually your sincerest hope that God is forgiving since you are gonna need it.


You are majestic, beautiful, strong, and noble, until you get on their bad side. Then, you can flash your fearsome teeth. You do good deeds until others cross you. When others cross you, you can cause them to regret it for the rest of their life.


You are a type of person that always has a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Whether you choose to act like a devil or an angel greatly depends on what you ate for breakfast and your mood. You are like summer and winter, night and day, and good and evil, wrapped together in the same bundle of contradictions.


You want to do favors for other people. You enjoy bringing joy to other people. You are loving, kind, and honest. But, you have a strong sex drive that often cause you to make unwise decisions.


You walk through your life with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. You love being around people as well as making them smile or laugh. Truth is actually the highest good for you. But, the Devil comes out of you when others lie to you. After a while, you let it go.


You are empathetic, forgiving, caring, kind, and have your own code of ethics. But, you often get mildly angry when others do not return your generosity and kindness. Fortunately, you get over it immediately, since you know life is too short to allow the haters to upset you.


You don’t hold grudges and have a forgiving heart. You rescue kittens from trees as well as help old ladies walk across the street. Others call you a sweetheart. In a world full of devils, being too nice may be dangerous.


God made sure you were born with original sin as he knew you were not going to commit other sins. You are the most beautiful and purest angel. Even though you are good, you should take it down a notch, since you may make others feel guilty.

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